Small Business

Critical Start-up Factors 

  1. Legal Liability Determination
  2. Tax Implications
  3. Cost of Formation & Record Keeping
  4. Flexibility of Structure
  5. Future Needs

Regulatory Compliance

  1. Set-up & Maintenance Filings
  2. Federal Reporting
  3. State Reporting
  4. City & County Reporting
  5. Other

Accounting & Finance

  1. What accounting Method is required?
  2. What accounting method will give you insight & control?
  3. How should you fund operations?
  4. How should you take the next leap?

Fraud Prevention & Detection

It's happening to you

Customers take 10% & Employees take 5%, and the World Wide Web just put all the thieves in the world right where you are, what will be left for You?

  • Did you know that 99.5% of people who have the Android operating system on their cell phone have already been hacked?
  • Did you know that fraud is committed by those who first build a relationship of trust with their victim, then start to steal?
  • Did you know that most countries will not consider fraud a crime as long as it is committed to non-citizens outside their borders (Thank you, Internet)?
  • Did you know that many of the best Fraud prevention methods are free to implement?

Dennis P. Koch, CPA
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501 (c) 3 Factors 

  1. Do you even need to file for this exemption?
  2. The timing of filing may not matter
  3. What other taxes will this help exempt?
  4. There are still tax returns that must be filed after getting this.
  5. How you file this will determine (and Restrict) your Future.

Regulatory Compliance

  1. What records must you keep, provide to donees/customers, and publish to the public?
  2. What is allowed to be received?
  3. All those filings that must be made.
  4. Who can do what.
  5. One very big donation and you may have messed it all up.
  6. What is considered income & expense



  1. Filing on time vs. Extending
  2. Income that you don't know is income
  3. Estate planning vs. Gifting
  4. How to Shelter and Avoid Tax

Retirement & Vacation

  1. When Can I?
  2. Cash vs. Credit


  1. Buy or Lease a Car?
  2. What happens to that debt that was waived by a bank or other?
  3. Is this a hobby or an actual business?
  4. Is this travel or expense business or not?
  5. Investments that cost me money.